September Circus Smart Speaker Series – Performance Nutrition for Circus Artists: Highlights & Common Pitfalls

Posted on September 5, 2023

Join nutrition science expert Dr. Alexia de Macar in the September Circus Smart Speaker Series lecture!
Nutrition is a constantly evolving science. Contrary to popular trends, which often want to categorize nutritional principles as good/bad or all/nothing, optimal performance nutrition is much more nuanced, hence the complexity.
This talk will present a scientific update of nutritional recommendations concerning the optimization of nutrition for circus performers, with regard to fueling, recovery and injuries rehabilitation. Having worked with circus artists for many years, I’ll share concrete examples of observations I’ve made over the years (pitfalls and challenges).
The Circus Smart Speaker Series takes place online! Can’t make it live?
** RECORDING AVAILABLE ** for one week afterwards
In her talk she will cover:
More about Alexia:
Alexia is one of the few performance dietitians who combines a PhD in Sports Nutrition with extensive experience in the field. She has been working in several high-level sports and artistic environments for over 17 years. The experience she has acquired in these areas of excellence has contributed to her unparalleled understanding of the many different challenges associated with performance (Olympic athletes, Cirque du Soleil, dance schools). She is one of the rare dietitians who has developed an expertise in working with elite athletes/performers with eating disorders.
Access her online!
IG: @daretofuelperformance & @alexia_performancenutrition
FB & LinkedIn: Alexia de Macar, PhD, performance dietitian
www.alexiademacar.com (new website available soon)

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