Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts

The anatomy book you have been waiting for is now available!

Dr. Emily Scherb has written the first anatomy book specifically for aerialists.

Learn how your body works when it is hanging, inverting, climbing, or doing a hip key. Understand how to perform your favorite skills with perfect technique. Find out which exercises are Emily’s favorites for aerialists and why.

​Emily explains what causes injuries, how to recognize them, what to do if you have one, and teaches you how to prevent injuries from occurring.

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“This book is a great resource for aerial instructors and students. Being able to visualize and pinpoint the specific muscles used in a skill will help demystify how aerial tricks work and how they affect the practitioner’s body.”
—Elsie Smith, cofounder of NECCA and Nimble Arts Aerial Teacher Trainings

“This is the anatomy book for aerial we’ve all been waiting for! With clear explanations alongside expert photographs, all the aerial classics are demystified. Dr. Scherb covers everything from beginning hangs to advanced poses. Relate anatomy to your aerial practice with the help of the examples, including what not to do. Many injuries are going to be prevented by getting this book in the hands of every aerial student and teacher.”
—Rebekah Leach, author of The Aerial Dance Manual Series and founder of Born to Fly Productions

“Scherb has a gift for explaining complex physical actions in ways that anyone can understand. This book belongs in the library of every aerial studio. Even if you think you understand functional anatomy, this book will help students execute those skills correctly and safely.”
—Beverly Sobelman, founder and executive director, Versatile Arts, director of the American Circus Educators Safety Program

“I’ve noticed through the years I’ve known Emily Scherb that in addition to being extraordinarily knowledgeable and generous, she is consistently curious, questing for a more complete model of human anatomy and movement. Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts is a compendium of information pertinent to your body and to circus. Though thorough and detailed, it reads like a page-turner. It is filled with arcane knowledge from the most forward-thinking in the sports medical community, and every page yields discoveries. Through her practice she has enabled countless circus artists to continue to do what they love. With this book, she extends the performing life of an entire community of professionals.”
—Terry Crane, co-founder and artistic director of Acrobatic Conundrum