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Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts – A Treasure for Circus Libraries”

“Applied Anatomy of Aerial Artists is a straight forward and immensely useful manual for any aerialist and any circus artist or circus teacher who wants their student to progress, avoid injury and gain the strength necessary to do the amazing work they do.”

  Born to Fly Teacher Training

“Emily has created a fluid, informed read on anatomy for aerialists without fuss or pretense.  She gets straight to the point of what aerialists need to know in order to move better.”

“THIS is the resource I wish was available when I first began my aerial journey”

“Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts is jam packed with SCIENCE, informative images, aerial technique, useful exercises, and the highly sought after topic of injury prevention. Emily masterfully presents a huge amount of information in this accessible and concise text.” – Constance Echo Palmer

American Circus Educators


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