Shoulder Health

Curious about how your hanging is setting you up learn skills and build strength? A strong hanging posture can help you identify any compensation strategies and maintain your shoulder health.

In understanding how your body works, every aerialist has different needs. To accommodate your curiosities, Dr. Emily Scherb has a few options to help you on your training journey

Hanging Analysis

When you email photos and videos from multiple angles, Dr. Emily Scherb, PT will identify your preferred movement patterns in a thorough movement analysis summary. For an example of what your report might look like click here.

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Hanging Analysis and Personalized Home Program

This personalized program includes a hanging analysis and goes a few steps further. After you receive your summary you will set up an online assessment during which Dr. Emily Scherb will help you understand your hanging posture and the underlying causes. Together you will work to build a home program to help you address your specific needs when it comes to this foundational skill.

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Shoulder Boot Camp

Join me for this boot camp to help you find the muscles you should be hanging from, get them strong, and improve your aerial skills.

With each of four sets of exercises of this course you will learn about all of the aspects of hanging you need to have perfect form. Shoulder positional and alignment awareness; shoulder mobility; rotator cuff strength and stability; and scapular stability.

For each exercise you will have the opportunity to see a video demonstration and then record your own performance for review and critique by physical therapist Dr. Emily Scherb, a circus medicine specialist.

This program will jump start your shoulder strength to give you a strong fundamental on which you can build all of your other skills!

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