Aerial Inversions and Anatomy of the Hips and Core in Boston – Commonwealth Circus Arts

Posted on February 28, 2019

The Hips Don’t Lie: Controlling the Core in Aerial Arts

When you’re suspended in the air, the only thing you can count on is your core. This class explores the point where all of our aerial movement begins, and helps you understand the biomechanics and sequence of your trunk muscles and hip joints.

This class will help you build functional strength and flexibility, deepen your splits and straddles, invert with more ease and grace, and prevent common hip injuries and back pain


Invert THIS: The Aerial Art of Turning Upside Down

Learn how your core, hips, and shoulders work together to turn your body upside down. Figuring out which muscles are working, when, and why is the goal of this course. We will answer the questions of

When are my shoulders supposed to close?

How much should my spine round?

Why are inversions hard for me?!?

Once you understand how an inversion is supposed to work, we will discuss common mistakes and how to fix them to make everything from tuck-ups to straight-arm straddle-ups and even levers achievable.

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