Aerial Body Basics and Shoulder Anatomy in Boston

Posted on February 9, 2019

Body Background

Why does your elbow move differently than your wrist?

How do muscles work?

What the heck are those fancy anatomy word?

This workshop will help you understand the body fundamentals and how the tissues of the body work together. You will learn the vocabulary needed to appreciate the layers of muscle and movement of your body in the air.


Hanging Tough: Shoulder Health for the Aerial Artist

Aerial artists spend a lot of time with our arms over our heads, which can lead to pain and injury. Our shoulders are the most mobile joint in our bodies and our greatest aerial tools, but also the part of the body that is most at risk among aerialists.

This class focuses exclusively on the shoulder: the bio-mechanics of how it works and how to use it safely through its full range of motion. Learn the best techniques for hanging, smooth inversions, and levers, as well as the secrets of one-arm skills.

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