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Circus Fusion Medicine 9.0 starts September 25 2023 (10 wks online)

Sep 25, 2023 |

Applications are open for Circus Fusion 9.0 – starts September 25

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This course is for clinicians (and those about to be) to gain the confidence you need to help circus artists get back to what they love and build a niche practice that makes you excited to go to work.

Approved for 21 hours of CE by most states
(contact me if you have questions about CE requirements for your state or anything!)

Over ten weeks, we will be breaking down what makes circus artists different. We’ll touch on everything from how they approach their training and their body, how (and when) they present with injuries, what the most common injuries are, how to assess their circus skills, and how to get them back to training.

Circus Bodies are Different. Let’s help them train at their best.

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