Work With Your Body: Practical Anatomy for Aerial Artists at NECCA – Brattleboro VT

Posted on February 15, 2020

We use our full bodies in our aerial and acrobatics lives and the more we know about how they work the better we can be.  Learn how to work with your body rather than against it with physical therapist, aerialist and author Dr. Emily Scherb.
Using the latest research and lots of practical, circus-specific examples, we’ll break down skills, identify ‘risky’ movement patterns, and discuss the science behind the skills.  We’ll talk about how your shoulders, core, and hips work together to move you through space, and how the right biomechanics can help you stretch further and be functionally stronger to have the most success.  This class will help you understand your body—and your training—in a whole new way.

Prerequisites: Interest in learning how your body works in the air. Circus artists and instructors encouraged to attend.

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