Circus Injury Survey

Posted on March 25, 2017

When I speak to other healthcare professionals about circus artists (once they figure out the difference between a trapeze and a trampoline) they always want to know what kinds of injuries circus artist have. They also assume that injury rates are much higher in circus arts than they are. To answer their questions I conducted a survey on injury rates back in 2013 and 263 of you graciously responded. (See below for some of the information from that survey)

​However,  as I am preparing for a workshop on the Evaluation and Treatment of Circus Artists for healthcare professionals in Boston next month, I am realizing how much the community has grown and would love to get a more updated view of what injuries are occurring in the community.

Please take this 7 question survey below to help the knowledge in our community grow.

Thanks for your help! I look forward to reporting back with results!

(And if you know any healthcare professionals who would benefit from knowing a bit more about what you do have them come join me in Boston!)

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