Dr. Emily Scherb, PT, DPT is a physical therapist with a lifelong passion for aerial arts.

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Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts Book Cover

Dr. Emily Scherb’s book Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts is now available! Emily has written the first anatomy book specifically for aerialists. Learn how your body works when it is hanging, inverting, climbing, or doing a hipkey.


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Medical & Healthcare Professionals

Movement Analysis and Treatment for Aerial Artists: The Hanging Athlete

Jun 30, 2019 | 9 am to 6 pm
Circus Project - Portland

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Conquer Your Micro-Bend – Strength and Control

So what if it is a strength or motor control problem? What’s going on and what can you do?!


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Conquer Your Micro Bend – Is it Mobility?

The Secret to Conquering your Micro-bend So, you can point your toes and straighten your legs, but when you start to lift them up… the dreaded micro-bend occurs. WHY?!


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Strong core? Don’t forget your pelvic floor!

Coaches are constantly talking about “engaging your core” but why is it important? And what the heck is your “core” made up of? The middle of our body, below our ribs and above our pelvis, has less  bony structure than the rest of our body.


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